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5" 3-phase pumps

This product has been distributed since April 2009. The hydraulic system is assembled using parts made by us. We have subjected the pumps to rigorous testing and we have the relevant certificates issued by the National Test Institute. The experience so far affirms their high use value and very good hydraulic parameters. The pumps are failure-free as long as they are installed as instructed. Prior to start-up, the motor has to be flooded with water, released properly, and phased for the correct sense of rotation.

The fundamental change from similarly designed products is the use of a modern motor concept, leading to considerable weight and power consumption reductions. These advantages are evident both on pump installation and during operation. The power saving is up to 30% for the PCH 1"T-90-16 and up to 50% for the PCH 5/4"T-60-25.


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Download Q-H characteristics measured by the certified test institute HERE

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