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Building products

Stainless steel measuring point plate with nut

With clients’ ever growing demand on the quality of the hand-over, it is advisable to apply new technological solutions. Making the measuring plate of stainless steel is one of them. The stainless steel plate is factory-welded to standardised Fe reinforcement elements. The welds rule out the formation of any electric cells. The reinforcement elements are bent at the back and permit long well-welded joints with the building reinforcement.

Moreover, this product developed by us is designed in a way that prevents cement grout from pouring out of the measuring bolt hole. The entire design was developed in collaboration with a leading professional in the field: JEKU s.r.o., a specialised workplace dealing with building protection from stray earth currents.

Plate version CRM-01-100/100/10-10

This is the basic version of the reinforcement measuring and earthing point as per TP 124. The place size of 100 × 100 mm and thickness of 10 mm are the basic outlet point size. The plate is made of stainless steel, extended with distributing reinforcement rods 10 mm in diameter. The reinforcement is shaped to permit welds of a corresponding length for earthing purposes. The measuring outlet reinforcement rod shape enables meeting the protection requirements for 35-60 mm reinforcement.

Plate version CRM-03-60/60/5-KLIM

This plate is designed for additional measuring points added to welded reinforcement for measuring stray earth currents. The plate is fitted in a bore in the concrete (e.g., 900 or 110 mm in diameter). The plate includes a reinforcement element 6 mm in dia., which is welded onto the exposed reinforcement. Afterwards, the reinforcement is shaped so that the plate aligns with the concrete surface and the hole is filled with repair mortar

The plate comes with a hole featuring a hidden M10 nut. The design prevents cement grout from pouring into the threaded hole at the plate interior. The plate has ready-made holes for the measuring probe.
The plates are suitable for a broad variety of measuring and earthing points for bridges and building constructions. Earthing cables or earthing strips can be attached to the plate exterior; the plates are intended for use in both exterior and interior settings.

The plates are manufactured in a wide range of dimensions as requested. They are then priced individually based on the design.

Earthing element bushing for waterproofing - 250 CRM- NP

The earthing element bushing handles the problem of running the earthing system out through the waterproofing in a way that prevents water from penetrating the proofing where the earthing element passes through. Using this product, the earthing system can be made as usual, before laying the base concrete using FeZn components. Where the earthing conductor passes into the interior (transformer room, switching room, process engine room, etc.), the bushing is installed as per the installation instructions. This solution makes designing and installing earthing systems in buildings with complex underbeds much easier. The central earthing strip can be fitted with a shrink hose for power-insulated bushes through the foundation slab.


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